10 Team Tournament to be held from IPL 2022 | The Name of the team declare soon

It has now been official that the Indian Premier League (IPL) will be a Ten (10) team tournament from 2022 Year. BCCI, the Board of Control for Cricket in India on Tuesday invited bids for two new franchises. Interested bidders will have to buy tender papers by 5th October, after which the Indian Premier League (IPL) will conduct a technical evaluation before selling both the franchises.

Cricdial has absorbed that the minimum bidding price for each franchise is Rs. 2,000 cr. (about 270 $ million) and six (6) are in the city center which includes Guwahati, Ahmedabad, Lucknow, & Cuttack. It is also clear that the highest bidder will buy franchises for eternity.

Now, that the launch of the bidding process has been announced, the Board of Control for Cricket in India has not confirmed whether the bids will be in closed envelopes or through e-auction. Also, when will these two new franchises be announced? The BCCI has also said that bidders can buy more than one bid paper worth Rs. 10 lakh (10,00,000.00), but they can buy only one franchise.

It was only on Monday that the IPL Governing Council sealed the hiring of two new franchises. The BCCI had been taking steps in this direction for the past two years. In Dec, 2020, at the annual general meeting, the BCCI was allowed to include them from their member state associations.

How will 10 teams on the field affect IPL?

The 2022 season will not be the first time that 10 teams will play in the IPL. This happened ten years ago in the year 2011, when Pune Warriors and Kochi Tuskers were inducted. It is certain that the format of the tournament will be on the 2011 model, with a total of 74 matches played at home and outside.

In the 2011 edition, Ten (10) teams were divided into two groups and four playoff matches, including 70 league matches, were played, while all teams were placed in a points table. Each team played 14 matches at the league level. Each team had to play matches at home and outside with the other four teams in their group. The combination of groups was decided by a random draw. The last time more than eight teams were ipl was in 2013 when nine teams participated and 76 matches were played.

The last time BCCI, The Board of Control for Cricket in India bid for a new franchise was in the year 2015, when rising Pune Supergiants and Gujarat Lions replaced Chennai Super Kings and Rajasthan Royals, both of which were banned for two (2) years.

Sanjeev Goenka’s proprietary group New Rising Consortium had chosen Pune and bought supergiants at a minimum price and Delhi mobile company Intex bought Lions by choosing Rajkot. New Rising and Intex had bought for two years in reverse bids of Rs. 15 cr. and Rs. 10 cr. Under reverse bidding, bidders were encouraged to bid below the minimum price of less than Rs. This means that BCCI will give a maximum of Rs 40. cr. from central revenue to new owners. Whoever bids at the lowest price will get ownership rights.


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