Daniel Sams

Daniel Sams:

           Luck always matters because somewhere someone’s loss might be someone else’s gaining. Mr. Ben Stokes got complicated in an unusual incident and missed(pass over) the flight to Australia. And then as his team played the Ashes, Mr. Ben Stokes moved to New Zealand Country to play for Canterbury. This engendered the team management to drop their NSW import – Mr. Daniel Sams.

Mr. Daniel plays for the Randwick-Petersham Cricket Club and could be a part of the Sydney Thunder Academy however sadly lost the bus with the latter for the Big Base League(BBL). However, destiny had different alternative things planned and he was written into the Sixer’s side as an injury replacement for Mr. Henry Thornton. Mr. Daniel Sams signed the contract each day before BBL 07 and in his debut BBL game picked up 4-14 against the Thunder unit. Tho’ Sixers lost the competition, Mr. Sams verified a point or 2 to his detractors.


Having picked up eleven wickets in his 3-match stint at Canterbury, Mr. Daniel Sams should be sparking with additional eagerness for his road ahead not solely in BBL however perhaps for an opportunity to play superior cricket in Australia.

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